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Have you ever given a deep thought to how your hands require equal attention and taking care of, just like the other parts of your skin? Hand Care is one of the hygiene practices that are quite often underrated, however, needs to be taken into consideration as you use them to do all your physical work.

A simple yet effective hand care regime will help in the eradication of germs, grime, or dust particles that might be causing a hindrance to the cleanliness of your hands. Indulging in hand care is undeniably essential to avoid any unnecessary appearance of skin irritation, flakiness, itching, and damage which should be taken care of at the earliest. In a nutshell – hand care is essential.


You use your hands for every work that you do, saying that, it also establishes the fact that it touches innumerable surfaces that transmit germs from one another. This alone becomes a primal reason as to why you should be taking care of your hands and their hygiene, responsibly. 

Other than getting rid of the harsh particles that your hands come in contact with – we have to shed some light on how taking care of your hands has a direct effect on how the skin on them is being treated, because they are much more prone to the aging process. 

The skin around your hands is as vulnerable as any other sensitive part of your skin that cannot be covered at all times. We must understand the need for a hand care practice as it is exposed at all times.


There are plenty of reasons that cause the occurrence of dry hands. While some might be because of some harsh environmental changes, others might be related to unforeseen diseases which could have a remedy.

  • Weather changes
    Usually, cold climates are the ones that have a harsh effect on the skin. Places, where the weather takes a dip, have a direct impact on hands drying out because of the low temperature and plummeting humidity levels.
  • Harsh Chemicals
    Exposing your hands to extremely harsh chemicals such as soaps or detergents, too often, are also one of the most noticeable reasons that cause drying out of hands. Occupations such as hospital workers, factory employees, or hairdressers usually have to be washing their hands now and then and the chemicals might cause some hand issues.
  • Heat
    Be it prolonged hot showers or heating devices such as a wood place or central heating system – it can all lead to reducing the moisture of your skin and turning them too dry, this can be avoidable if you are made aware of it.
  • Other Medical Conditions
    Sometimes there might be an underlying medical cause to the constant drying up of your skin – skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis are the most common skin inflammatory conditions that are prone to dry skin.


The steps that determine how well you take care of your hands and the skin on them, need not necessarily be a very elaborate process. Opt for a hand care regime that does not involve too much hassle but all the essential steps giving optimum results.

  • Wash them correctly
    The emphasis on proper hand washing is extremely important. Your hands are exposed to unnoticeable germs and dirt substances all day – using a mild soap like our Tea Tree Neem & Rosemary Organic Cold Processed Soap and washing your hands time and again is the first step to your hand care routine.
  • Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!
    You must always be at a crossroads while picking the perfect moisturizer for your usual skincare, pick a proper one for your hand care too as the skin on it is exposed to a lot of vulnerabilities, to keep them soft and tender, you need to indulge in a suitable hand moisturizer. You can use our Kukum, Myrrh & Hazelnut Hand and Foot cream to rejuvenate your dull-looking skin and get your hands nourished.
  • Exfoliation
    This is the most effective way of getting rid of dead skin cells, and the skin of your hand might be having plenty of them. Pick an exfoliator like our Hazelnut, coffee and chocolate face and body scrub which will give your hands the much needed nourishment. It is best not to overdo the scrubbing process and stick to doing it twice a week as it can irritate your skin if you overdo it.
  • Don’t Skip Sunscreen
    Just like how all beauty experts keep emphasizing how important it is to apply sunscreen before stepping out during the day, the same needs to be followed here in the hand care routine to avoid any sort of premature aging and sunburn. It is always advisable to apply your moisturizer first and then a layer of sunscreen - you can use our Camellia & Red Raspberry Certified Natural Sunscreen that serves the purpose. Make sure to reapply them every few hours if you spend long hours out in the sun.
  • Some Extra Protection
    As mentioned earlier, how cold weather can cause dry skin, or long exposure to chores where you might be required to be washing your hands too often, is also one of the causes for dry skin – try to keep them covered and protected as much as possible. Wear gloves if necessary while doing your laundry and washing your dishes, some extra measures that would ensure healthy skin on your hands.


There are some additional tips that you can abide by, which do not take up much of your time, but ensures your hand care routine is not compromised. 

Here are some tips:

  • Double Nourishment
    Sometimes, slathering your hands with just one layer of hand cream might not be enough – use a body butter such as our Neroli, Rosehip and Tamanu Organic Body Butter  for that double nourishment or locking in moisture.
  • DIY Hand Mask
    Hand Masks are an effective pampering method for your soft hands. As most of these DIY materials are easy to get, you can prepare a mask with the ingredients that suits your skin - Avocados are a rich source of biotin and have been used for softening dry skin. Olive Oil is also a very effective conditioner for this purpose.
  • Humidify move
    In extremely cold climates, a humidifier adds the required moisture to the air through steam and in turn, hydrates your skin well.


  1. What should the temperature of the water be when I wash my hands?
    Even though there is no such solid evidence that choosing hot water over cold water will reduce the chances of dry hands or killing the germs that it contracts – however if you must choose, either pick cold water or lukewarm water but not scalding hot.
  2. Do soaps solely serve the purpose of killing germs?
    Your approach should be such that the soap helps to make it difficult for the germs to be sticking too hard to your hand. Soap creates a safer environment. You can use our Tea Tree Neem & Rosemary Organic Cold Processed Soap as the ingredients are very thoughtfully used which has beneficial antibacterial properties. This will help to fight the germs your hands might have contracted as it consists of certified antifungal agents.
  3. How do you store preservative free hand care products?
    When you opt for organic skincare products - they require a little extra effort from your end to preserve them. Ensure cleanliness while storing these, Different kinds of solutions might require a change in your storage process - understand the requirements of the various formulations as mentioned in the packaging and do the needful.



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