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Benefits and uses of Jojoba Oil for Face and Skin

Jojoba Oil has been used for skin and hair care for hundreds of years. Derived by cold pressing the seeds of ‘Simmondsia Chinensis’, the popular Jojoba oil is actually nothing like oil. Instead, it is like a liquid wax ester that closely resembles the structure of our skin’s sebum (an oily, waxy substance produced by our sebaceous glands). That is why our skin loves Jojoba oil so much!

Jojoba oil is abundantly rich in omega - 9 fatty acids and the primary chemical composition goes like this -

  • >73% Eicosenoic acid - acts as a wonderful emollient and absorbs instantly into the skin. It also helps balance the oil production and does not clog the pores
  • >14% Erucic acid - acts as a non-greasy emollient and gives skin and hair a natural silky shine. It helps boost collagen production and improves skins suppleness
  • >8% Oleic acid - deeply nourishes skin and hair as well as exhibits antioxidant properties. It also helps in delaying the appearance of signs of aging and maintains skins youthfulness

It is also known to have other fatty acids such as Linoleic, Palmitic, Linolenic, and Stearic acids in low concentrations.

Now before we dig deep into the benefits and uses of Jojoba oil for skin and hair, let’s briefly go through the history of this wondrous liquid wax.

History of Jojoba Oil

The ‘Simmondsia Chinensis’ plant is native to North America. Jojoba seeds have been used for skin and hair care purposes since time immemorial but it was also widely used for its medicinal properties to heal sores, wounds, and burns. Pregnant women used to consume it assuming it would ease the delivery as it acts as a laxative. The Jojoba nut was also used to make hot beverages and even served as survival food.

However, it was only after 1970 when Jojoba oil got its true recognition when the ‘sperm whale oil’ got banned. Jojoba oil acts as an excellent emollient that helps improve the skin barrier and its hypoallergenic nature makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones.

Jojoba oil benefits for skin & hair

Here’s a list of Jojoba oil benefits for skin & hair -

  1. Excellent emollient - owing to its similar structure as skin sebum, jojoba oil tends to absorb faster into the skin and performs as an effective moisturizer. It nourishes the skin and gives it a smooth, soft texture without leaving a greasy residue.
  2. Fortifies skin barrier - jojoba oil helps create a thin, breathable and non - occlusive barrier on the skin protecting it from the effects of environmental aggressors. This also helps improve the skin’s moisture retention capacity.
  3. Balances sebum production - it helps regulate natural sebum production by the sebaceous glands. Thereby, balancing the excess oiliness on the skin.
  4. Makes skin plump and supple - the waxy texture of jojoba oil helps it absorb quickly into the skin leaving it supple and plump.
  5. Non-pore-clogging - jojoba oil has a low comedogenic rating and being a liquid wax ester it does not clog the pores. In fact, it helps in breaking down the sebum buildup from plugged pores and nicely cleanses the skin.
  6. Anti-inflammatory - apart from fatty acids, jojoba oil is also rich in phytosterols that help calm inflamed and irritated skin.
  7. Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal - jojoba oil also possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that keep away unwanted bacteria to thrive on the skin or scalp thereby helping in controlling acne eruptions and dandruff.
  8. Hypoallergenic - jojoba oil is non-irritating and soothing on the skin which makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone ones.
  9. Anti-aging - jojoba oil provides oxidative stability and protects the skin against free radical damage. It also helps boost collagen production and delays the signs of aging.
  10. Boosts hair growth - jojoba oil is not just a great conditioner for hair, it also helps improve overall scalp health by regulating excess oil, fortifying the scalp, reducing hair breakage, and promoting new growth.

How to use Jojoba oil?

Being a carrier oil, jojoba oil can be easily incorporated into one’s skin and hair care routine. Here’s how -

Jojoba oil for skin:

  • As a facial oil - use it as the last step of your routine to seal in all the moisture. Take a few drops, warm it up between palms and gently press it against the skin. Massage in circular motions to help it absorb completely into the skin. Jojoba oil can be used in AM or PM routine.
  • As an oil cleanser - one can also use jojoba oil as the first step of the double cleansing method. Take a few drops of oil and gently massage onto the face to help the makeup melt down. Rinse it off with water and cleanse again with your favorite JC cleanser.
  • To activate face masks - you can also use jojoba oil to activate your powder face masks/scrubs for an extra boost of moisture.

Jojoba oil for hair:

  • As a hair oil - use it directly as hair oil for your weekend champi session or mix it with your other favorite carrier oils for some extra pampering.
  • To dilute your favorite essential oils - essential oils are potent and jojoba carrier oil is perfect to dilute them before topical application.
  • As a leave-in conditioner - jojoba oil works beautifully as a leave-in conditioner. Helps control frizz and makes hair ultra-manageable.

Jojoba oil for the body:

  • As a body oil - take a generous amount and massage gently on damp skin. Keeps the skin moisturized for long hours by trapping the moisture and also adds a beautiful sun-kissed shine to the skin without making it feel greasy.

Juicy Chemistry’s Jojoba oil

Our Jojoba oil is sourced from the source i.e., North America, and is certified organic, cold-pressed, 100 % pure, unrefined, and free from adulteration. We source directly from the farmers to ensure nothing is added or taken away during the manufacturing process and the nutrient profile of the oil is not compromised.

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