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How to Build Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin?

Oily skin is a skin type characterized by excessive sebum secretion. This skin type has a tendency of getting easily clogged up as a result of this excessive sebum. The sebaceous glands make the t-zone and its adjacent area appear shiny. Whiteheads and blackheads are some of the common concerns for oily skin. Due to the oily nature of the skin, acne and its after effects are major concerns for this skin type. 

Everytime the skin is exposed to the outside environment the dirt and pollution particles tend to settle on the facial skin. As a result this causes a build up on the facial skin as sebum is a sticky, waxy kind of substance. Now imagine if you don't wash your face for one day? The pores that sweat or secrete sebum are clogged due to the accumulated dirt, dead skin cells on the skin, throughout the day. These clogged pores in turn can cause acne and/or whiteheads blackheads on the skin.

The sole reason to keep your skin clean is keeping the pores clean while getting rid of the day to day dirt and grime. In short, it's important to follow a simple yet effective skincare routine for oily skin to help keep the skin clean and treat it.

Next section sheds light on what causes oily skin and conditions associated with it. There is no evidence or study on the exact reason as to what causes oily skin. Although, some of the below mentioned have been closely linked to having an oily skin condition. It might be possible to have more than one cause of oily skin.

Causes of Oily Skin

If any one or both of your parents have oily skin, you are most likely to have an oily skin. It will be due to the genes to have overactive sebaceous glands. Oily skin due to genetics can be difficult to prevent.

Weather conditions
Hot, humid weather conditions can make the skin oilier than usual. Some people even notice that oily skin tends to be a little dry during the winter. Summers are more likely to make the skin oily. Oily Skin due to weather conditions can be controlled by making a few changes in the skincare routine.

Hormonal changes
Some people can experience oily skin as they attain puberty and may have it for years thereafter. Some tend to have oily skin only during puberty and not thereafter. Hormones affect everyone's skin and aren't gender specific. Oily skin caused by changes in hormones is difficult to control.

Not using the skincare products as per the skin type
You may not be using the products as per your skin type. The products you are using might be too drying or too moisturizing for your oily skin. Harsh cleansers might make the skin dry, which can stimulate the excess sebum.

Skin conditions caused by Oily Skin

Acne is a skin condition which occurs when a hair follicle clogs up and that causes white heads, black heads or pimples. The clogged pore can contain dead skin cells, sebum, dirt and grime. This can lead to an inflamed acne having pus.

Acne marks
Pigmentation or discoloration on the skin once the acne is healing or is cleared is called acne mark. It can be red or brown in colour. Usually it fades on its own and can take a few months.

Pits or Scars
Scars on the skin can form as a result of damage done to the skin while the acne is healing. There are different types of scars although we won't go much into the details as they can't be treated at home and need an expert.

Let us now take a look at how we can take care of oily skin and manage the excess sebum. First and foremost, we can't get rid of oily skin but we can make it less oily. We can't control genes, hormones or weather conditions. True! This is where skincare routine comes into picture to make the skin less oily.

The best thing for oily skin is to find a good skin care routine that works, and to be consistent with it. A dedicated skincare routine for oily skin can help it keep the excess sebum in check while removing the dead skin cells, dirt and grime.

Usually skincare products meant for oily skin are also infused with ingredients which can help reduce or heal acne. They are designed keeping in mind the various skin conditions faced by oily skin. 

Before checking out the skincare routine for oily skin let us check the factors determining the skincare routine.

Factors for skincare routine

Weather conditions
During winters the skin might turn a little dry or not much oily and you will need a change in your skin care routine. In summers the skin gets excessive oily and due to sweat it may require a thorough cleanse.

Skin conditions
Your skin routine will depend a lot on the skin conditions you are trying to treat be it acne or acne marks. The products targeted at specific skin conditions are formulated with ingredients which help with it.

When it comes to any skincare routine, it all comes down to everyone's skin. Skincare products don't suit everyone the same. So always use the products which are meant for your skin type as well as the ones which suit you really well.

We have kept the skin care routine for oily skin super simple with minimal steps. The essential steps are Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize to be followed two times a day, once in the morning and once in evening. The Treat and Protect steps are to be followed at night and day respectively. Let's take a look at some important things first

  • Always patch test before using any product or essential oil to rule out skin irritation or allergies
  • Do not introduce all new products at once. Include them in your routine one by one.
  • Follow a skincare routine for a minimum of 4 weeks before gauging whether it is working or not.
  • If you have severe acne, consult an expert
  • If you use makeup or sunscreen during the day, use a suitable makeup remover.

Skincare routine for oily skin

Cleansing is the first essential step to take care of oily skin. It helps remove the excess sebum, dirt and grime off the face and preps the skin for the next steps. If cleansing isn't done rightly, the next steps in the skincare routine are not effective. The cleanser should be gentle yet effective in its cleansing action.

You may consider using Juicy Chemistry Cucumber, Matcha & Spearmint Organic Cold Pressed Soap or Juicy Chemistry Hemp, Tea Tree & Neem Organic Face Wash. Both the cleansers are nourishing and well-suited for oily skin types.

Toning the skin is the next step which helps skin rehydrate itself after cleansing. A toner ensures that all dirt is removed and can also help normalize skin’s pH level. Some toners may contain ingredients helpful for oily skin condition. You can use the Juicy Chemistry Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water Toner if you have any active acne. Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Rose Water Toner is also suitable for oily skin due to its brightening and soothing properties.

In case of oily, you can pick up non comedogenic oils for night time use. You can use Juicy Chemistry Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Carrier Oil as a full face treatment. If the skin is not acne prone you may use Juicy Chemistry Saffron & Red Raspberry Facial Oil for day time. Also if you have scarring the Juicy Chemistry Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil will be a good choice.

Different ways to combat acne and its after effects usually are followed in this step.To tame mild acne you may use tea tree essential oil diluted with a carrier oil (like Hempseed oil, Argan oil or Rosehip oil) as a spot treatment. While using any essential oil, use 1% or less of the total formulation (volume).That is, if you are using 100 ml of carrier oil then use less than 1 ml or 1 ml of essential oil. This step is usually followed during the night time routine.

You can use sunscreen during the day to protect the skin from Sun's harmful UV rays. It also prevents uneven skin tone and pigmentation on the face. Use a sunscreen suitable for your skin type. Check out Juicy Chemistry Camellia & Red Raspberry Certified Natural Sunscreen which is a certified organic, water resistant sunscreen formulated with non-comedogenic cold pressed organic oils and non-nano zinc oxide.

Frequently Asked Questions on skin care routine for Oily Skin

  1. How can I control my oily skin?
    Cleanse regularly, Tone and Moisturize the oily skin to control it. You can protect your skin from Sun's UV rays by using sunscreen. 
  2. How to clear acne fast?
    Acne takes time to clear up. Follow your regular skin care routine to take care of your skin. In case of severe acne consult an expert
  3. Is Rose Water good for oily skin?
    Rose water is not only a great ingredient for its hydrating properties but also for its soothing and brightening properties. It can be used as toner or a hydrating mist by oily skin.



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