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Hair is the crown that you wear everyday. Hair falling is something that's not easy to prevent at a certain age. A survey revealed that over 29 percent of men are prone to male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia.  If you want to improve the hair you have or try to regrow the hair you lost, try some of these home remedies, tips and organic products for hair regrowth for men. By trying these strategies, you can enhance your hair and stimulate hair growth in a natural way. But first, let's understand the stages of hair growth.


Hair growth might seem like a one way process but it comprises different stages of hair regrowth for men. These stages are likely to vary from individual to individual. Let’s understand the three stages of hair growth cycle -

  • Anagen
    The first stage of hair regrowth for men naturally is Anagen, that's the growing phase. In this active phase, cells divide and push the hair to come out. The hair remains in this phase for around 4-6 years and a few centimeters of hair grow every 28 days. However, hair on eyebrows, lashes, legs and arms takes less time to grow as compared to scalp hair.
  • Catagen
    The next phase is catagen that's a transitional stage. Only 3% of hair remains active in this phase at a given time. In this stage, hair follicles start to shrink and attach to the outer layer of the root, making hair growth slow. It lasts upto 10-20 days and remains during the final period of growing. 
  • Telogen
    Final stage of hair regrowth for men naturally is Telogen. This is the resting phase and lasts upto 100 days of hair on the scalp yet longer for eyebrows, legs and arms hair. The hair remains at complete rest and a club is formed. While plucking the hair scalp hair in this period, leaves white dry material on the scalp.

    After these 3 stages, hair starts falling out naturally, around 100 telogen hairs shed out everyday. The problem starts when the mark reaches 100 hairs per day.


Some of the home remedies that are effective and boost hair regrowth in men are given below -

  • Massage
    Massaging your scalp with oil improves the blood circulation and restores hair growth. Moreover, it boosts hair thickness and scalp health. Giving a 10 minutes dry massage everyday and with oil twice a week helps relieve stress and tension. Massage led scalp stimulation is found to boost hair growth and make hair thick by enhancing blood flow to the follicles.
  • Aloe vera
    Aloe vera is used for ages to obstruct hair concerns. It helps to boost the hair regrowth for men naturally and soothes the scalp as well as helps control dandruff and leaves healthy hair. You can use pure aloe vera gel on your scalp and hair every week as a hair mask. Wash off after an hour. 
  • Onion juice
    Onion improves hair growth and blood flow. It assists to increase keratin growth and reduces patchy scalp problems. Blend 1-2 onions and take out its juice, apply to your scalp and hair. Wash off with shampoo after half an hour. Use this remedy once a week. If you have a sensitive nose, then you might want to dilute it with a carrier oil or aloe gel before application.

Note- Patch test is highly recommended before using any of these remedies.


Few lifestyle changes and tips can help in hair regrowth for men:

  • Healthy diet
    A healthy diet contains iron, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Foods that are enriched with omega-3, iron and high proteins are good for hair health. Drink a lot of water along with a healthy diet. 
  • Quit smoking
    Smoking is not only bad for lungs but also for hair health. If your hair is shedding out, it might be due to smoking. To prevent hair loss, it would be better to quit or considerably reduce smoking as soon as possible for better hair health. 
  • Avoid stress
    Stress and tension result in hair loss. Avoid taking stress as much as possible. Few ways to reduce stress are exercise, yoga, meditating and listening to music. Get enough sleep to keep your mind stress free.
  • Take care of scalp
    Scalp is the root of your hair which means it's the base for hair growth for men naturally. You should take care of your scalp by massaging, using right hair products, preventing dandruff, infections and even itchiness.




  • Is baldness inherited from our parents?
    Yes, baldness can be inherited from both mother and father. Those who have someone suffering from baldness in their family are more likely to be prone to this.
  • Is it normal to lose 100 hairs per day?
    Yes, it is normal to lose this amount of hair every day but the problem arises when it exceeds the limit.
  • At what age men start balding? 
    Male pattern baldness usually begins when a man in his 30s or 40s.
  • How do you control genetic baldness?
    It is hard to control genetic baldness. However, natural remedies, preventions and right hair care products may help to an extent.



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