Our Entire Product Range is Certified Organic by ECOCERT (France) in accordance with COSMOS V3 Standards.


What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols or floral waters are a co - product extracted along with essential oils from a plant through water / steam distillation. Flowers, leaves, fruits and other parts of the plants are distilled to extract essential oil (that contains the oil soluble constituents) and hydrosol (that contains the water soluble constituents). While both the essential oil and hydrosol have identical therapeutic properties, the latter have milder scents and are not as concentrated as its oil counterpart owing to their high water content. Therefore, floral waters are gentler on skin and can be used directly without any dilution.

How are JC Hydrosols made?

Our floral waters are extracted from purest, ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients employing the steam distillation method. As steam distillation requires a low boiling point as opposed to simple distillation, it reduces the decomposition of temperature sensitive compounds and ensures all the nutrients are intact in the end product.

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How to use our Hydrosols?

For Face - use your favourite floral water post cleansing twice a day. You may also use it in between to instantly refresh and calm your skin.

For Hair - floral waters can be used to refresh and rejuvenate the scalp. Just spritz it directly onto the scalp and gently massage it in. Follow up with your favourite hair oil.

For the body - directly spritz it onto your hands and legs to instantly refresh the skin.

For usage directions, please refer to the demo videohere !

How to store pure hydrosols?

Organic hydrosols are fragile and subject to rapid degradation than their essential oil counterparts due to lower concentration of antibacterial properties. That's why properly storing your pure floral waters is very crucial.

Here are few guidelines you must take care of -

  • store your bottles in a dark cool place away from any source of light. Repeated exposure to sunlight or UV rays are especially damaging to hydrosols
  • always keep your hydrosols in amber/cobalt glass bottles as they effectively block out damaging sunlight
  • do not keep partially full bottles. The empty space in the bottle also called the headspace accelerates oxidizing of the hydrosols which can harm the aromatic and therapeutic constituents of the waters. In order enhance the shelf life of such pure waters, transfer them to smaller bottles
  • ensure that the bottle caps are aptly tight. It's imperative to make sure that the caps are not too tight or loose as it may allow oxygen in
  • keep them in a cool dry place. You may as well refrigerate the hydrosols as it helps to keep them fresher
  • do not allow unsterilized objects to come in touch with your bottle nozzle such as your fingers or cotton balls ensuring the integrity of your hydrosols remain intact
  • always keep a track of the manufacturing date and expected shelf life of the hydrosols
  • lastly, always use your hydrosols as fresh as possible

We hope these tips help you get maximum benefit from our organic hydrosols.

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