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Our feet work very hard for us throughout the day and that's why taking care of them is very important. Therefore, a regular pedicure session may ensure that your feet stay clean and healthy. How does pedicure help? It helps improve blood circulation, maintain good foot hygiene, and helps prevent ingrown toenails as well. 


Your feet are the foundation of your body and it needs care just like any other part of your body. Here’s why you need to take care of your feet -

  • Cracked heels
    Rough and cracked heels may become painful over time if you don't clean your feet on a regular basis. It can be caused by heat, physical stress and humidity. A regular pedicure session helps to soften the cracks keeping your feet soft and supple.
  • Infection
    Dirty feet and toenails are prone to skin infections if not taken care of properly. Pedicure helps to remove dirt, nail cuticles, dead skin cells around the nails and feet so that your skin remains healthy and prevents infections. 
  • Painful feet
    Dead skin cells may over time lead to a skin condition called calluses which hardened the skin that can hurt if it gets too thick. Regular pedicure session helps to remove the dead skin so that your feet stay fit and don't hurt while walking.


Do you want to relax and pamper your feet? Then, this complete guide on how to do a pedicure at home will help you do just that! 

  • Remove nail paint
    The very first step is to remove the nail paint if any. To start with the pedicure, you have to remove the chipped nail polish that has been settled since the last pedicure. 
  • Soak your feet
    The next step is to soak your feet in lukewarm water. This softens the hard skin around nails and heels, relieves foot pain and relaxes the tired muscles of your feet. For a spa-like feel, fill a tub with warm water, add a few drops of essential oil, organic foot soak, half tbsp of salt and hand wash. Soak your feet in it for 30 minutes.
  • Exfoliate the skin
    Once you've soaked your feet, your skin will become soft and ready for scrubbing! To do so, take a foot filer or pumice stone, rub your feet gently in a back-and-forth motion. Then exfoliate your feet gently with a scrub. Ensure to remove all the dead skin off your feet. 
  • Shape your nails
    The next step of a pedicure at home is shaping your nails in round, square or any other shape you want. But first, remove the nail cuticles and cut the extra grown nails. Then use a filer to shape your nails.
  • Moisturize your feet
    Above steps can make your feet dry and they need nourishment. Once you are done with scrubbing and shaping your nails, the next is to moisturize your feet that become dry after soaking and scrubbing steps while doing pedicure at home. Ensure to apply moisturizer in between toes and around heels.
  • Apply nail paint
    Our most favorite part of doing a pedicure is to apply nail paint, isn't it? Once your moisturizer is absorbed well into the skin. Apply 2 coats of nail paint with your favorite color.

Congratulations, your pedicure at home is done!


These pedicure tips and home remedies will help you get happy and healthy feet while doing pedicure at home-

  • Moisturize with marula oil 
    Marula oil works as a great moisturizer for dull and dry feet. It leaves your feet feeling soft and supple. Take a few drops of marula oil and gently apply to your feet. Massage until it gets absorbed well. Doing this twice a month rejuvenates your skin and prevents cracked feet.
  • Regular foot massage
    Don't neglect your feet. Ensure to do a massage once a week. How does it help? Foot massage helps to improve blood circulation and soothes your feet. It also keeps your feet feeling fresh and relaxed. Don't forget to massage between your toes and calves.
  • Jojoba oil and sugar scrub
    Want to try homemade scrub? You can use this DIY scrub while doing pedicures at home. Jojoba oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that soothe your cracked heels. While jojoba oil makes your feet soft, sugar removes dead skin cells. The combination of both works wonders. 

Note- Please do a patch before using these natural remedies.


  • Hazelnut, coffee and chocolate face & body scrub
    Our scrub helps to exfoliate skin, makes your feet super soft and benefits dry skin. The organic blend of cocoa powder, coffee granules, sweet orange essential oil, Shea and cocoa butter refines skin for a better and even tone.
  • Lemon and Lavender Bath Salt & Foot soak for tired feet
    This is an organic and handmade foot soak that relaxes muscles and relieves pain. What makes it effective? Our foot soak is dermatologist tested and organically certified. Baking soda helps to remove bacteria and makes feet healthy. Epsom salt relieves the pain and relaxes muscles after a long day. Lemon boosts blood circulation and lavender oil soothes the skin.
  • Kokum, Myrrh & Hazelnut Hand & Foot Cream for dry cracked skin
    This cream is certified organic and handmade with love! Made with ultra-nourishing hazelnut and restorative Myrrh oil, this cream gives your hands and feet intense hydration and nourishment. Also, it improves the texture and tone of the skin.


  • Should I wash my feet every day?
    Yes, definitely. You must wash your feet every day to keep your feet clean and bacteria-free. 
  • Can pedicure prevent and heal cracked heels?
    Yes, it can. Soaking, exfoliating and applying foot cream while doing pedicure at home helps heal cracked heels over time.
  • Should I shower before or after the pedicure?
    You should shower before getting the pedicure because skin gets soft and supple after taking a shower.
  • How often should you do a pedicure at home?
    Ideally, you should do pedicures once or twice a month at home. 



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