Our Entire Product Range is Certified Organic by ECOCERT (France) in accordance with COSMOS V3 Standards.


Every Juicy Chemistry product is COSMOS certified organic, the highest global standard for the cosmetic industry, which means every aspect of Juicy Chemistry, from ingredient sourcing, product formulations, filling and packaging meets the most stringent criteria stipulated by COSMOS to safeguard your health as well as the health of our planet.

The certification process includes a yearly audit of all registered companies, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure compliance with the strict regulations set out by the certification body. Certification includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping and periodic testing of soil and water to ensure that growers and handlers are meeting the standards which have been set. Certified organic foods and fresh produce are spared the application of toxic and persistent insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers. In the long run, organic farming techniques provide a safer, more sustainable environment for everyone and more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using and consuming certified organic products and foods.

We believe that

- Choosing to obtain organic certification is reflective of a company’s commitment to real transparency and accountability.

- Choosing to obtain organic certification is reflective of a company’s commitment to organic.

- Most of all, choosing to obtain organic certification is reflective of a company’s commitment to its customers. 

- Buying products that have been certified by a ECOCERT-accredited certifying agent is the only way you can be sure a company's organic product truly complies with organic standards.


Many manufacturers making organic claims for their products bypass the certification process making their organic percentage or ingredient safety claims nothing more than self-declarations. Certification is important as this guarantees the consumer that all product claims have been independently verified. The COSMOS logo means every aspect of our products have been scrutinized as complying with the stringent organic and quality standards of this certification, in particular, every farmer supplying us ingredients must also be certified organic. There is no room for error, there is no green-washing. You can be confident what you get is honest beauty from an honest brand.

Producing certified organic skincare is important to Juicy Chemistry for two reasons:

- You. We believe that organic skincare ingredients grown without chemical pesticides and fertilisers retain their highest possible bioactivity. In their most pure state they are the highest-performing and healthiest ingredients for your skin.

- In today's world of misleading claims, false advertising, and simple deception, it often leaves consumers trying to discover the truth about personal products and their ingredients.

We want you to know that we are committed to complete transparency in everything we do.We want you to know that when we say "organic," we mean it.We believe that in becoming a ECOCERT Certified Organic company, you do not have to wonder if we really use certified organic ingredients or if our organic products are truly organic.  So we choose to be a certified organic company and abide by the strict standards required for organic certification. 

Earth. We favour using raw plant ingredients cultivated sustainably in organic orchards and fields, because production without chemical contamination is kindest to the Earth.

Juicy Chemistry is India’s first and only fully certified organic skincare manufacturer, making us a green beauty brand you can genuinely trust.

Organic certification provides you with a guarantee

- That the product ingredients were produced without the use of toxic pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sewage sludge or irradiation 

- That assures you that your skin care products are free of the synthetic chemicals often used in the skin care industry

- That raw ingredients and finished products are handled, packaged and distributed without risk of contamination


To Become Certified Organic, Every Year We Are Required To:

- Submit an application

- Pay the fees

- Provide a “handler organic plan” describing all of the safeguards to ensure proper handling of organic material and proper cleaning of all equipment (even the type of cleaning solutions we use are monitored)

- Provide the organic certificates from each of our suppliers for each organic ingredient used in each of our organic products

- Provide a map of our facility depicting the location of all preparation areas and storage areas for organic raw materials as well as the finished products. Organic certification is not only based on compliance with NOP (National Organic Program) standards, but on the ability to uphold those standards.

- Provide a quality assurance plan that includes ongoing education for our employees

- Provide extensive record keeping plans and logs, that are audited each year, to keep track of the organic ingredients in every product we make that guarantees the organic integrity of the product through continuous traceability, from receipt of the raw material to release of the product.Provide written annual production plans

Post reviewing our application an Ecocert accredited audit officer will randomly choose a sampling of products off of our shelves and we must be able to demonstrate the following . . .

- The labeling complies with the ECOCERT COSMOS guidelines.

- The preparation, storage, and packaging, which is charted from ingredients to finished product, complies with COSMOS STANDARD guidelines. 

Our organic product output matches our organic ingredient intake. For example, if the inspector chooses our organic lip Butter, we are required to show how many we have sold in a given year. If we sold 1000 units, we must be able to show a flow chart that includes

- The date, recipe and batch number for each batch made

- The lot numbers of all organic ingredients used

- The amount of each ingredient used in the recipe

- The matching invoices for each ingredient with lot numbers to show that we indeed purchased all the certified organic ingredients needed to make the 1000 units of organic lip butter

- This guarantees the organic integrity of the product through continuous traceability, from receipt of the raw material to sale of the product.

This entire process is required and repeated twice a year to assure consistent compliance!


A product is only as good as the ingredients used to create them!

- To provide assurance and a commitment to our customers that we use the word “organic” to properly describe our products.

- We work hard to obtain yearly certification and are very proud to use the words “certified organic” to indicate products made with ingredients that are pure, natural and free from hormones, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, GMOs, or other synthetic additives.

- Organic certification is the only way you can be sure a company's product truly complies with organic standards.

- Pursuing yearly organic certification requires us to take an extensive look into the procedures and practices of our company. It is a constant reminder of our commitment to our customers to continually maintain our vigilance.


One of the best things about choosing an Organic skin care product is what you don’t get in your products !


Juicy Chemistry is committed to ensuring our products are free of:

Sulfates and sulfonates are surfactants or cleansing agents and used to create foam. Juicy Chemistry uses absolutely no surfactants, not even plant derived cleansing agents or surfactantsParabens
Parabens are preservative agent that is known to be controversial and not widely used. Juicy Chemistry uses absolutely no preservatives, not even the ones that are approved by COSMOS for use in natural and organic products. Synthetic fragrances and colours
Juicy Chemistry only uses only organic essential oils to scent our products, and the products reflect a natural colour derived from the ingredients.GMO’s
Also known as genetically modified organisms. Juicy Chemistry products are always GMO-free. Glycols
Known as a solvent and/or preserving agent that adds emolliency and keeps the product from drying out. Juicy Chemistry uses naturally-derived botanical oils in place of glycol based ingredients. Silicones
Used in skincare to smooth and blend formulas, but known not to be skin friendly. Juicy Chemistry uses naturally-derived oils and botanical butters to create smooth and silky textures. Mineral Oil
Known as a heavy based moisturising agent derived from petroleum that is occlusive upon the skin. Juicy Chemistry does not use any petroleum based products because of the potential harmful effects on the skin and environment. Petrochemicals (petroleum, paraffin)
Similar to Mineral Oil, they are known not to be skin friendly and potentially harmful. As an alternative Juicy Chemistry uses naturally derived plant based waxes. PEG’s
Known as polyethylene glycol that is used as an emulsifier and/or solvent. Juicy chemistry uses alternatives derived from natural plant based gums and waxes. Plastic Microbeads
Controversial exfoliating materials used in facial or body scrubs that are potentially harmful to the environment and wildlife. Juicy Chemistry uses naturally derived exfoliating particles such as Ground Oatmeal, Bamboo and Diatomaceous Earth powders , Sugar and salt. T.E.A 
Also known as Triethanolamine which is a pH adjusting agent known to be toxic. Juicy Chemistry  uses naturally derived Citric or Lactic Acid as alternatives. D.E.A 
Diethanolamine is a wetting or foaming agent used in cleansing products. Juicy Chemistry uses no such foaming agents in its product formulations Phthalates (DEP)
Controversial chemical based solvents used to extend the scent of a synthetic fragrance. Juicy chemistry only uses pure Certified Organic essential oils which add light scent and skin benefit. Ethoxylated Chemicals 
Ingredients created by process of ethoxylation are known to cause irritation and may contain carcinogens. Juicy Chemistry does not allow any ethoxylated ingredients. Formaldehyde derivatives
A bi-product of preserving agents and known to cause irritation and sensitivity. Juicy chemistry does not allow formaldehyde derivatives.  


By following the COSMOS guidelines surrounding organic ingredients and sustainable packaging, all Juicy Chemistry products are non-GMO verified, cruelty free, vegan and free of any added herbicides or pesticides.

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The COSMOS Standard

The COSMOS-standard is a new cosmetic certification developed to harmonise various certifications and labels in order to create one standard that is internationally recognised for natural and organic cosmetics. The “COSMetic Organic Standard” was officially launched in February 2011, and as a result of Europe’s leading natural cosmetic certifiers coming together and forming a non-profit association, COSMOS-standard AISBL. The COSMOS-standard association consists of five founding members who now authorise and oversee the certification, including the Soil Association (UK), Ecocert (France), Cosmebio (France), BDIH (Germany) and AIAB/ICEA (Italy). The main goal is to uphold the inspection and certification of organic and ecological products, eco-friendly systems and respect for the environment throughout the production chain. Today, over 5,000 companies, and more than 30,000 products sold into more than 45 countries are certified under COSMOS

Within this standard are the core principles of prevention and safety, reflective from the production of raw materials to the distribution of finished products which includes:

 Promoting the use of products from organic agriculture, and respecting biodiversity Using natural resources responsibly and respecting the environment Using processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and environment Integrating and developing the concept of "Green Chemistry" instead of using petrochemicals Providing transparency for consumers

The COSMOS-standard surrounding the origin and processing of cosmetic ingredients are classified into five categories:

 Physically processed agro-ingredients – organic agriculture that reflects pure or allows simple processing; Chemically processed agro-ingredients – certifiable by using agricultural organic raw materials and manufacturing processes that are clean and authorised, all under the umbrella of “Green Chemistry”; Water – non-certifiable and must comply with hygienic standards; Minerals and ingredients of mineral origin – non-certifiable, requires clear environmental rules in their use, and in further processing; Other ingredients – a very limited list of preservatives and some ingredients allowed as long as there are no effective natural alternatives available to ensure the safety of consumers or efficacy of the product.

COSMOS-standard certified products are labeled with the signature “COSMOS ORGANIC” or “COSMOS NATURAL”, depending on their certification level.

From 2017, Juicy Chemistry Products are produced and manufactured in accordance with COSMOS strict standards and have been previously certified by ECOCERT under the COSMOS standard.

Founded in France 1991, ECOCERT specialised in the certification of organic agricultural products and was the very first certification body to develop standards for "natural and organic cosmetics. ECOCERT had become a benchmark in organic certification worldwide, winning the confidence of consumers and professionals.

The ECOCERT standard was set to inspect the ingredients, manufacturing process and packaging to ensure that everything from the where the plant is grown to the packaging you see on your shelf is compliant. ECOCERT will only approve the use of “green chemicals” and accredit products that meet its strict criteria. To ensure an environmentally friendly product, ECOCERT strives to promote the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources and production and manufacturing processes that are environmentally safe. Outside of cosmetic products and respected ingredients, ECOCERT also holds certification and control of eco-products related to home fragrance, textiles, spas, and detergents. It is accredited in accordance with the ISO 17065 standard, and their certification standards now fall under the broader COSMOS-standard noted above and set forth in early 2017.

All of our product packages and product pages online detail the full list of ingredients as well as the breakdown % totals for natural origin and organic farming.

this is our sustainability promise

The concept of Juicy Chemistry revolves around sustainability. As our products do not contain any harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and sulphates, they do not cause harm to waterways, and marine life. We source our raw materials in an ethically sound manner from small farms and suppliers. 

By being kind to the Earth, we are being kind to ourselves. At Juicy Chemistry we recognise this basic fact and work every day towards making every aspect of our business more sustainable.



For us transparency means seeking globally renowned external certifications so you know that our formulations and processes are scrutinized thoroughly and that the due diligence is done on behalf of the customer.