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Natural Vanilla hand-rolled incense sticks


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These incense sticks come enwrapped with the comforting scent of Vanilla! The warm, sweet scent of vanilla brings positivity and is known to attract richness. Our soothing vanilla incense sticks infuses calmness into your room and relieves you from restlessness.
Coconut husk charcoal helps make the incense sticks burn better without producing black sooty smoke or causing breathing issues.

Key Benefits -

  • Long lasting aroma
  • Safe for burning indoors
  • Doesn’t create black soot
  • Doesn’t cause breathing concerns


  • Light the tip of the incense stick
  • Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning
  • Place the unlit end in an appropriate incense burner
  • Enjoy the blissful aroma

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Customer Reviews

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Pratibha P (Pune, India)
An exotic fragrance

Vanilla is is an effective antidepressant and mood lifter. You start feeling satisfied and get into a much better mood. This is one of the biggest advantages of vanilla’s powerful aroma. Light one of these incense sticks to uplift your mood and usher in pure air in your living spaces.

Vanilla Incense stick

Best one out there !

By popular choice

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